Love,  Writer


Late in the evening, while making notes for my next project, an interesting question took over my mind. I wondered if an individual genuinely comprehends the immense willpower needed to willingly sacrifice the relationship category of the heart and soul, by making the decision to forsake anyone else they may encounter to dedicate themselves to one person. I don’t think we, as human beings, really do. We may think it comprehensible, but if we stop for a moment and really look at the seriousness of this decision, the majority of us would most defiantly have a holy s**t moment. Then instantly the normal reaction would occur, which is to begin to examine, or for some re-examine, the current relationship we may be in. Now I understand some individuals are in deeper than others but that doesn’t mean those relationships are unable to be examined as well. Whether it be an exclusive relationship or marriage, there is still an understanding and agreement to a long-term relationship between two individuals that have determined there is enough love between them, for however amount of time, to commit themselves to one another. I believe in love, and I think it is an extraordinarily kind gesture for someone to consider someone else worthy of that sacrifice. Those gestures, for many, are of the truest nature. But do the recipients, be it woman or man, know how fortunate they may be? As I speak of this, I speak of normal-minded individuals. Sincere-minded individuals.  

Although I feel both parties should feel fortunate to have one another, I also feel it should, indeed, be reciprocated by both parties. There are two of you. Therefore, the most important aspects of a relationship should be shared by both. For example, I myself came to the realization of having the habit of talking “to” someone, when, in all actuality, I should talk “with” someone. Talking to someone puts in place the consistency of having a one-sided conversation. There is no such thing as a one-sided conversation when you value someone. When you value someone, you show it by genuinely asking and listening to their wants, needs, concerns, and feelings. As humans, we use the same statements we’ve heard throughout our lives. One of the most common statements made is “Things never stay the same as in the beginning”. I realize people get older. I realize we may go through things in life that begin to form the direction of our lives. But I’ve always believed, if I were ever able to be granted the gift of loving someone and that person loving me, there’s nothing in the world that would cause me to never show that person I love them. Some of the smallest gestures show love. Do you still greet them when they enter a room? Do you greet them when they arrive home? Do you hug them? Do you kiss them? Does a smile appear on your face from the happiness they fill you with? Do you laugh with one another? When a song plays, do you ask them to dance with you, just because? Do you make love to them? Do you take pleasure in the fact of how fortunate you are to fall asleep and wake up next to someone you love? I can go on and on. If you can still do those things, without any thought, then I say to you, Congratulations! If not, I say to you, a re-examination of your decision may be needed. Because, although the relationship matters, “We” matter. The condition of our Souls matters.  

So, as you look into the eyes of whom you’ve sacrificed that very important category of yourself, truthfully examine what you were in the beginning, middle, and, most importantly, now. Has your sacrifice been accurate or has it been deluded?