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Is it possible for someone to come into your life causing a genuine sense of pure happiness? I think so. It’s absolutely possible for an individual to come into your life causing an enhancement to your state of happiness. That happiness can be felt in a number of ways. Thinking of them causes happiness. Hearing their voice causes happiness. Seeing their face causes happiness. Doing things for them causes happiness. Just knowing they exist causes happiness. It’s a blessing to be able to be in the presence of an individual such as this. And, just as they bring happiness to you, you should also bring happiness to them.  

I also believe if happiness is only received when in the presence of someone, it becomes a heavy burden for the contributor to bear. It presents a perception of insensitivity from the receiver. Reliance on that person’s effect on your mood for that day can be compared to being prescribed medication to do that very same thing. Once that medication wears off, then what? You would do what’s expected. You would simply take another pill. Which, in turn, just like any medication, has a tendency to become addictive. And, as we all know, medications are to be taken for a certain amount of time. If not, it can become damaging to your everyday health. Although it’s not fair to that person, it’s even more unfair to the receiver’s Soul. So, in closing, we would do ourselves justice to find that same genuine pure happiness within ourselves, so we’ll be able to authentically share that same happiness with someone else.