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    Is it possible for someone to come into your life causing a genuine sense of pure happiness? I think so. It’s absolutely possible for an individual to come into your life causing an enhancement to your state of happiness. That happiness can be felt in a number of ways. Thinking of them causes happiness. Hearing their voice causes happiness. Seeing their face causes happiness. Doing things for them causes happiness. Just knowing they exist causes happiness. It’s a blessing to be able to be in the presence of an individual such as this. And, just as they bring happiness to you, you should also bring happiness to them.   I also…

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    Late in the evening, while making notes for my next project, an interesting question took over my mind. I wondered if an individual genuinely comprehends the immense willpower needed to willingly sacrifice the relationship category of the heart and soul, by making the decision to forsake anyone else they may encounter to dedicate themselves to one person. I don’t think we, as human beings, really do. We may think it comprehensible, but if we stop for a moment and really look at the seriousness of this decision, the majority of us would most defiantly have a holy s**t moment. Then instantly the normal reaction would occur, which is to begin…

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    “A Belief in Fate”

    One day, while on Pinterest, I came across something that grabbed my attention immediately. Not only did it grab my attention, but it also took hold of my soul. As I sat on my bed, I found myself reading an Ancient Chinese Belief titled, “The Red String of Fate”, over and over. It was one of the most beautiful and hopeful sayings I’ve ever read. It stated: “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. No matter what, fate will bring them together in the end.”  Before I continue, let’s…