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Getting Back to What I Love

In my first post, I wrote about self-neglect and how it can invade our lives on a personal level. Most of all, I stated how I’d promised never to neglect myself and my talents. Now I’m going to share a few examples of putting my words into action. So, let’s get started!

For years, and I mean years, there’s been a place I’ve wanted to visit. Every year I would say the same thing but never took the time to actually go. So, one day I decided to get a membership to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I knew that if I were to get a membership, then there was no way I wouldn’t go. Well, after getting it the self-neglect tried to trickle in a little. It took me 3 months after getting the membership to go, but I noticed what was happening and finally made it a point to take a much-needed day trip. I was joined by my beautiful mother which made it even more enjoyable. The moment I entered the garden I was struck with beauty. As I made my way up the path, everything suddenly felt different. It was extremely peaceful. Everywhere I turned there was a sight of creativity. Although it was quiet and calm, the garden was alive. My ears picked up every single sound. Birds weren’t only chirping; they were actually singing. Chipmunks and squirrels were running around freely. Crickets called out to one another within the secrecy of the manicured bushes. The innocent excitement of children as they came upon a new discovery and their parents mirroring their excitement once they viewed what their children discovered. Me and my mother responding in the same innocent way as we encountered unique flowers, tranquil ponds, playful dragonflies, butterflies, and bees. There were manicured paths leading to their own secret garden graced with the most unique origami sculptures hidden in plain sight. But little did we know the best was yet to come. The one and only “Earth Goddess”. She was absolutely magnificent. I was captivated by the artistry and thought-out floral arrangement. That was the moment I knew I would have this membership for a lifetime! 

I was filled with excitement. Not only was I finally somewhere I’d wanted to visit for years, but it also allowed me to get back into something I’m very passionate about and proud of. My photography. Being a self-taught photographer means a lot to me and is a great accomplishment. I almost let it slip away, but thankfully I was able to grab hold of it. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens granted permission for me to capture the beauty it presented, and I would like to share some of those images with you today. As always, Thank You and Enjoy Photography by Cecili’a!